Golf is undoubtedly one of the most fun sports to ever exist. It’s slow and relaxed pace of playing especially correlates well with my inner nature. I play a lot of golf for relaxation, with friends as well as for work. I’m comfortable playing golf now, because i know most things there is to know. There was time when all that was different though, time when i was as confused as most of you readers are right now. Fact is, starting to play golf can be very confusing and intimidating. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and a lot of room for mistakes. That’s why i decided to write this post – to help out novice golfers, who are in the same position as i was few years ago. Maybe some of the tips that i have to share will help some of you to decide and finally start playing golf.

First and foremost, i want to talk about improving your golf skills and teach you how to do it.
Realistically, i think there are two ways of getting better at golf. One is to do it by practicing a lot, making a lot of mistakes and reflecting on the mistakes you’ve made. That is usually effective approach to learning not only golf, but anything. When it comes to golf though, i think taking lessons from experienced teacher is just as important. When learning this sport, having someone guiding you can be extremely useful. Something like slice can not be fixed by practicing alone. The best approach to fixing such swing mistakes is with someone else, preferably a teacher. Using certain golf clubs designed for fixing slice can also help, but that’s another topic.  Also, i would recommend practicing golf on special practice range, not on the golf course. Practicing your swing on the course can be very time consuming, whereas on the range, you’re free of such concerns. Playing there is also less stressful than playing on the course, because most people are there to learn, just like you. Even if you get some suspicious looks though, i recommend ignoring them. Even if they are judging you, they are clearly in the wrong, because there’s nothing wrong with being beginner at something, including golf.

Learning how to stand and hold your golf club properly is also crucial if you want to achieve good results in golf. I think the best way to learn that is by having someone experienced correct your mistakes everytime you make them. That person can be your friend who knows a lot about golf, or if you don’t have such friend, then golf instructor. Golf lessons are quite pricey, but they cost nothing compared to what other golf services and products cost. So if you are playing golf, you are probably expecting to spend quite a lot to learn it thoroughly.

Having a friend who plays golf along with you is also useful when it comes to motivation. Having someone else who is going through the same thing as you are can be uplifting, especially if that thing is learning something new (in this case, golf). Learning is always stressful, and it is much easy to get through when you are doing it with someone you know.