There is lots of advice on the internet on the topic of how to choose golf clubs as a beginner, but not nearly enough about choosing golf clubs as an intermediate golfer. By intermediate golfers, i mean weekend golfers who play golf casually. In terms of raw numbers, intermediate golfers make up the most of all golf enthusiasts. So it’s kind of strange that these golfers are kind of neglected in terms of providing guidance on golf clubs. People probably assume that they are experienced enough to figure things out on their own. Years of experience has allowed them to learn proper techniques for swing and etc. They aren’t high handicap golfers technically, but some of them might be classified as such. On average, handicap of intermediate golfer should be below 20 and above 15. At least that’s how i define intermediate golfers, and this article will be centered about choosing golf clubs for them.

First golf club that all golfers have to buy is the driver. It’s the first club used to hit the ball and probably the most important as well. I don’t know if i can recommend one particular driver, but as a rule of thumb, most recently released drivers by major brands (like Callaway and TaylorMade) are all pretty good. One bad thing about recently released clubs is that they cost a fortune. So if you’re on a tight budget, you might have to find some other way. One of the most common solutions is to buy used golf clubs. You can do that by going to your local retailer, or by checking out listings on craigslist and eBay. I’ve found some barely used drivers for half or even less of retail listing price. Basically, the same thing goes for buying the woods. Try to get new ones, but if you can’t afford it, barely used woods will do the trick as well. In fact, if you look at it rationally, slightly used clubs are the best deal you can get. Some people are still self conscious about getting used golf clubs though. Quality new golf clubs that are also affordable are rare, but with enough research, you can certainly find something. This article about best intermediate golf clubs is probably the best place to start reading.

Next, you’ll have to choose irons. As mentioned before, intermediate-level golfers are the most numerous of all, so there is wide pool of options to choose from. Irons of your choice should be tailored to meet your needs. If you find irons in general difficult to hit, using hybrids instead of irons altogether might be a viable option. If you insist on using irons, use the ones that are more forgiving and have larger club heads. I’m not sure you need wedges at this point, but a lot of casual golfers do use and love them, so i guess buy them at your discrecion.

Last, but definitely not least important golf club in your bag, should be the putter. It’s the last club you use, and is on par with driver in terms of its importance. In general, i like all putters from major brands. There are also putters of many different design, but if your shots typically lack accuracy and straightness, mallet putter might be what you need to improve your game.